“If life doesn’t start until the weekend then I’m leading the wrong life Monday to Friday.” -Hans Jürgen Heinecke

Imagine a joyful place populated by self-determined, committed peers who are happy to be there and happy to see you. Imagine approaching this place with excitement and a sense of bliss because today will be all about the things you care about. Imagine the feeling of fulfilment when it’s time to go home, knowing that this day really meant something. Imagine going to bed in the evening, thinking about what you’re going to experience, discover and accomplish when you go back tomorrow – and looking forward to getting up in the morning.

Do you and the people working for you spend the greater part of life this way? We think loving your work needs to be far more common: To us it’s unacceptable to keep people in a setting that does not bring them joy for the majority of their waking hours – and we feel it’s pointless (and really expensive, too) because people will not accomplish greatness under such circumstances.

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” -Steve Jobs

We help our clients create work environments that can adapt to the people populating them – instead of bending human beings to fit a static set of processes that start to become outdated as soon as they’re written down. We enable work environments that amplify the individual strengths of employees and render individual weaknesses irrelevant.
Together with our clients we shape processes, business models and products/services that bring alignment to workers, managers, shareholders and clients. In doing so, we ensure organisations’ future sustainability as magnets for top talent and as great partners for their clients.

“Yeah, we’re running Agile/M3.0/Holacracy/SAFe/Lean – it’s okay, I guess.” -way too many creatives of the 2010s

To achieve the reality of positive work-life integration it is not sufficient to adopt some pre-defined framework that’s en vogue right now and enforce it. It’s also not enough to offer remote working, unlimited holidays, self-improvement workshops or choosing your own salary: The only way is to adjust the work itself so well to human nature that it becomes what people want to do for its own sake.

Do you want to create solutions for the challenges of tomorrow instead of enforcing yesterday’s rules? To focus on product excellence instead of adherence to last year’s design guidelines? To deliver real value instead of ticking off boxes on market-research/employee satisfaction checklists?

In short: Do you want to spend your days happily working with teams of joyful people being all they can be? See how we can make that happen or scroll down to our contact channels and let’s talk about building the work life you deserve!