​”Not everything that can be counted counts – and not everything that counts can be counted.” -Albert Einstein

We will agree to a project only if we firmly believe it is within our powers to create value for you together. The final judgement of this value and how it can be reflected in a payment appropriate for our services will be your privilege:

You decide how much you want to be billed for – after you’ve seen the effects of our collaboration.

To mark the beginning of a new project we ask that you make a donation of 1.000 Euro to an animal welfare charity of your choice – you are welcome to later deduct this sum from the amount you choose to be billed for by us if you want to do so.
Your donation ensures that our collaboration starts as a win by doing something inherently good and productive. This creates a positive mental starting point and grants us the positive effects of increased focus and motivation that come from making a financial commitment towards a goal.