Welcome to topdog innovation!

We are all about enabling organisations to make a lasting change for future profitability and a better working life. Our consulting services focus on making change achievable and offer simple and short change cycles to get you going – step by step and at pace that works for you:

“The way in which people deliver agile methodologies is like how we built software twenty years ago: big frameworks, slow feedback, and long release cycles.” -Jurgen Appelo

How does it make sense that “being Agile” should start with 3 – 6 months of  large-scale implementation before you see any real-life results? Why does “Agile” require such massive commitments before methodologies and frameworks have proven their worth in your organisation, for your people and your clients? Isn’t that contrary to the whole “being Agile” thing?

At topdog innovation we don’t care about making organisations “Agile”: We focus on validating what solutions work for you in real life instead of preaching about which theories and dogmas are right and wrong. Your teams and clients don’t care if you run a perfect textbook version of Scrum, SAFe, Holacracy or Management 3.0: Because it’s not Agile frameworks that add value – working solutions add value.

“Perfection is easier achieved through pragmatism than through perfectionism.” -Mark Poppenborg

topdog innovation enables your organisation to make change happen without forcing you to stand on one leg for months at a time and overwhelming everyone involved and everything affected. We do this by by setting up “innovation labs” within the status quo and applying Lean Startup methodology not only to product development but to organisational processes and working models.


Together we’ll validate which practices and changes work for your context, achieve measurable real-life results within a week and implement only changes that have proven their worth in the innovation lab. We’ll be happy to discuss what you want to accomplish: Our services are available as workshops, change programs or keynotes – let us know what you’re ready for or what questions you have.

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